Welcome to my website.

I'm hoping to keep you up to date with what I'm going to be doing in the future, entertain you with new songs and inform you about my past with my bio and assorted photographs.

I hope that you enjoy the website and will contact me with any comments or thoughts.

Have fun. Stay cool.

Recent News
Friday 9th, 8PM, Club Narooma, Narooma, NSW

Saturday 10th, 8PM, Club Sapphire, Merimbula, NSW, $25 
Ain't No Lovin Left $ 1.69
Sitting On Top Of The Room $ 1.69
Yesterday Was Today $ 1.69
Got To Get A Message To You $ 1.69
You Don't Bother Me $ 1.69
Mid Morning Madness $ 1.69
They're All Losers Honey $ 1.69
From The Vault
Over The Rainbow $ 1.69
Kinda Crazy

$ 1.69