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Friday 9th, 8PM, Club Narooma, Narooma, NSW

Saturday 10th, 8PM, Club Sapphire, Merimbula, NSW, $25 

Born August 18 in Sydney Australia. In 1963 Vince was listening to the new music coming out of Great Britain. His idea was to form a band influenced by this new sound. With friend John (Bluey) Watson they formed THE VIBRATONES (instrumental surf music). By the end of the year Vince & John had new ideas about their future and formed The Aztecs (still mainly an instrumental band with Vince lead guitar, Bluey bass, Col Baigent drums, Valentine Jones rhythm guitar and Johnny Noble vocals.

Johnny and Val left the group in late 1963 and were replaced by Billy Thorpe on vocals and Tony Barber on rhythm guitar. The band then became known as BILLY THORPE AND THE AZTECS.

In Sydney the group played regularly at Surf City in Kings Cross and the Beach House in the City. Their first single released early 1964 (“Blue Day” b/w “You Don’t Love Me”) charted in Sydney. Their second single, a cover version of The Drifters “Poison Ivy” became Number One in the National Australian Charts, staying in the top 40 for 16 weeks. After the success of their single, Billy Thorpe & The Aztecs changed record label and signed with Australian Parlophone. Their second number one hit, “Over The Rainbow” followed. 2 more singles were released in 1964 as well as their debut Album.

Vince and Tony Barber left Billy Thorpe & The Aztecs in 1965 to form VINCE & TONY’S TWO. Tony left the group to pursue a solo career and Vince, together with the other two members of the group, Jimmy Thompson on drums and John Shields on bass added Jimmy Tailor on rhythm guitar to form the VINCE MELOUNEY SECT. Their first single release was a moderate hit, especially in the Melbourne area and was followed by a four track maxi single. The final release was a solo single by Vince, produced by Nat Kipner. Through Nat Kipner Vince was invited to play on various sessions for the BEE GEES. The songs he played on were released on different Albums, such as the original “Spicks and Specks” or the compilation “inception / Nostalgia”.

Early in 1966 Vince joined TONY WORSLEY & THE FABULOUS BLUE JAYS, recording one Album and touring the country.

In October 1966 Vince headed off to London to further his musical career. The Bee Gees made the journey to London a couple of months later signing a record contract with Robert Stigwood at Nems Enterprises (The Beatles management). Through THE EASYBEATS (Who were also in London at the time and friends of Vince’) heard the Gibb Brothers were in town and he made contact. He was asked to join them and their drummer Colin Petersen in their recording sessions. Once the Album “Bee Gees First” had been completed, Vince became the official 5th member.
The Bee Gees proved with their second album that they had really become a tight unit. The overall sound was much heavier and Vince’ lead guitar was more prominent on several songs. Vince stayed with the BEE GEES till the beginning of 1969 and was part of the worldwide success of the group.

After the release of their 3rd Album “Idea” Vince felt that his guitar had no place in their direction at that time. He wanted to add more punch to the music but the brothers wanted to include more ballads using more orchestration. In the end Vince left the BEE GEES but agreed to play on a few songs for the new Album, “Odessa”.

Vince started recording a solo album, which was announced in the music press as “ Maiden Voyage”, however it was never completed. At almost the same time ASHTON, GARDNER AND DYKE were looking for a producer and a replacement for their guitarist, Steve Howe (who had joined YES) Vince took the job, however it did not work out.

Vince put together a hard rock supergroup and signed a recording deal with MCA Records. He got in contact with his old friend Teddy Toi who was doing session work in London at the time. In June 1970 Vince bought two musicians from Australia, the line up of the new band FANNY ADAMS was Vince Melouney guitar, Johnny Dick drums, Doug Parkinson vocals and Teddy Toi bass. They released one album titled “Fanny Adams” which was heavy riffs and powerful vocals. The group made some notable appearances back in Australia, including the Myponga Festival in January 1971.

MCA released one single from the album, “Got To Get A Message To You” (which was a group original, not the Bee Gees song of the same name.) backed by “They’re All Losers Honey”. Unfortunately the group disbanded before the whole album was finally released in 1971.

Vince accepted an invitation from the New Zealand group THE CLEVES for an Australian tour. Thereafter he played the Melbourne circuit with his band FLITE.

Vince briefly joined BARRIE McASKILL’S PEOPLE before returning to The UK to take up an offer of Musical Director for THE NEW SEEKERS for their English Tour.

After several years of pursuing some of his other passions in life, in 1980 Vince returned to Australia to record and tour with JOHN PAUL YOUNG

Vince got involved in the Film and Advertising Industry in Sydney writing and producing music until he moved to Queensland in 1990. Live performances once again became a major part of his life. Apart from touring with his show throughout the country, Vince has been invited over recent years to perform at important music events, such as:

  • THE BEE GEES One Night Only Concert at Stadium Australia, Sydney 1999
  • Noosa Inaugural Film Festival 2000
  • Long Way To The Top Tour 2002/3
    With the reforming of BILLY THORPE & THE AZTECS